You’ve heard it before, email marketing rocks! But can it really help your food and beverage business attract customers and increase sales?

Consumers today don’t just use their mobile devices to check their email and send messages. They use it for shopping too. According to studies, people end up purchasing 65% to 85% of products they put on their mobile shopping list. Imagine the opportunities you’re going to have for your food and beverage business if you’re able to reach out to your customers directly through email and give them exclusive offers!

Email marketing works because the majority of adults and teens send and receive emails daily. In fact, research shows that 78% of teens and 85% of adults in the United States access their email every day. When it comes to ROI, studies have shown that email marketing performs 28.5% better than direct mail. Additionally, email consumer marketing is expected to become a $22 billion a year industry by 2025.

Ready to start an email marketing campaign for your online food business? Here are some tried and tested techniques for a successful campaign.

  1. Personalized Content

With everyone using email regularly, people have also become smarter in weeding out spam and generic email. These days, it’s not enough to avoid the spam filter. You also need to avoid the delete button! Make sure what you’re sending is relevant and valuable.

To personalize content, you could use data from past purchases. There’s a lot of ways to do this. For instance, you could notify your customers about upcoming promotions on products they’ve purchased in the past or products that complement their recent purchases. You could also send how-to videos, links, or recipes they can do using products they’ve bought.

  1. Exclusive Experiences

Customers love exclusivity. It’s a perfect way to grow your email subscribers, increase email open rate, and ROI. It’s also a great opportunity to build a group of loyal brand advocates.

Make your customers feel they’re part of a special group through exclusive offers. Start a monthly subscription of carefully curated products they could get at special prices. These strategies also have the potential to increase recurring purchases.    

  1. Rewards and Referrals

When people have a satisfactory experience with a brand, they’re more likely to return or share it with their friends and family. Show your gratitude to your loyal customers and brand advocates by giving them rewards.

Rewards and referrals are also great motivators to getting your business out there. Give your loyal customers referral links they could easily share with their networks. The more you are recommended, the more others will be willing to try out your products. Call it digital word-of-mouth!

  1. Short and Simple Messages

People receive hundreds of emails every month. It’s important to immediately get your message across during the first few seconds that they click your email. If not, you will lose their interest. Your email may even be marked as spam.

Get their attention with an engaging subject line. As much as possible keep your messages short and easy to understand. Adding images could also help keep them reading.

Email marketing isn’t rocket science but you can’t go at it blindly either. Make the most of it by knowing how to craft compelling offers and engaging content.

With a lot of competition in every market segment, it’s important to stay top of mind with the consumer. Email marketing is one of the best ways to do that.

Learn more about email marketing and find out what it can do to your food and beverage business. Contact us to get started.