The average shopping cart abandonment rate is 69.89%. Many shoppers often do not complete the checkout process because they’re just browsing and not ready to buy, comparing prices, looking for options, and “saving things for later.” While these reasons may be out of your control, other factors are affecting your shopping cart abandonment rate.

Here are some ways to help you encourage your customers to complete the checkout process.

  1. Add Trust and Security Elements to Your Website

Security is a serious concern for many online shoppers. If they don’t trust you with their credit card information, they won’t buy from you.

Apart from having a professional-looking website, consider displaying trust logos or security badges. If you’re processing payments directly on your site, get an SSL certificate. It’s the padlock icon found on the address bar beside your URL.

This standard security technology encrypts data that passes between browsers and web servers, making information unreadable to unauthorized individuals or servers. On the non-technical side, having customer testimonials, product reviews and ratings posted on your website could also inspire trust among shoppers.

  1. Improve Your Site’s Usability

Usability is important – especially for shoppers. No one has the time to figure out where things are. Don’t make your users feel like they’re on a maze when navigating your website. Provide them with an intuitive interface and a hassle-free experience.

You could further reduce your abandonment rate by making your shopping cart always visible as users browse through your pages. It would serve as a reminder to them that they’ve added items to their carts.

  1. Shorten Your Checkout Process

10% of shopping cart abandonment is due to a website having a lengthy checkout process. Your goal should be to help your shoppers complete the process as quick as possible. Limit your process to only a few steps. Keep it short and simple.

  1. Increase Your Payment Options

The most popular way to pay for online purchases is through credit cards, but did you know that there is a growing trend of offering more payment options? If you cater to a global audience, think about accepting multiple currencies. Other payment options you could add are crypto currencies, PayPal, and checks.

  1. Limit Unexpected Charges

Shoppers hate surprise costs. If at the end of the checkout process, you’ll present them with fees for shipping and taxes, they’d more likely abandon their carts than push through with the sale.

Let them know up front what they would be paying for. You could display a calculator to estimate shipping costs and taxes. Even a note telling them they will be handling taxes and shipping fees is better than surprising them with unexpected charges at the end of the checkout process.

  1. Offer Discounts for Users Who are About To Leave

Exit-intent popups increase conversion by giving users more reasons to stay on your site and complete the checkout process. Freebies, discounts, or exclusive promos are great motivations for shoppers to linger longer and finally, checkout.

Exit-intent popups track the actions of users on your website. If it detects a user is about to leave your site without responding to your call-to-action or finishing the checkout process, a window will pop with your offer.

Shopping cart abandonment is a common concern among frozen food businesses that are selling their products online. It puts a huge dent in your profit potential and can have a serious effect on your business, especially if your margins are small.

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