Let’s face it, not all of your website visitors will immediately want to make a purchase when they land on your site. Many would browse a few more seconds before deciding whether they will leave or buy. This moment is crucial and there are many things you could do to keep your visitors from clicking away without a sale.

Here are some tips you could implement on your website to boost your revenue.  

  1. Have engaging sales copy

Content that lacks personality, are too “stiff,” and contains too many industry jargons don’t convert well. When writing your sales copy, be approachable. Be straightforward and avoid exaggerations. Don’t make claims you can’t prove with facts.

  1. Add customer testimonials

Customer testimonials help establish trust. They are powerful tools that could convince visitors to purchase from you. This is especially helpful if you’re new in the business and are still working on brand awareness. Review platforms such as TrustPilot.com make it easy to get and showcase reviews.

  1. Add live social proof

Similar to customer testimonials, live social proof tells your customers that there are people on the site with them who have just made a purchase. Live social proof typically appears on the lower portion of the website. It’s a small notification that shows the name of a customer and what they have just bought from your website.

  1. Make your call-to-action personal

Personalize your content as if you’re talking to your customers face-to-face. Address them directly by using personal and possessive pronouns. If they are return customers that are already logged into your site, you could address them by their name to make their experience more personal.

  1. Add live chat or connect your Messenger to your website

A live chat lets your site visitors know that support is just within reach if they need it. This will reduce their worries when they do decide to start shopping and they stumble upon a problem. Connecting your messenger also makes it easier for them to get in touch with you. This is much better than directing them to your contact page and requiring them to fill out your contact form.

  1. Offer limited-time promos

Creating urgency is an effective way of convincing your visitors to respond to your call-to-action NOW. You could make this as a pop-up box, a banner, or ticker.

  1. Set up an opt-in offer

An opt-in offer maximizes every lead that comes to your sales funnel. It encourages your customers to do more on your website. For instance, a visitor who has recently placed an order could be presented with an opt-in offer to subscribe to your newsletter for an exclusive discount on their next transaction.

  1. Have a pop-up offer when users are about to leave your website

This is your last chance to convince a visitor to make a purchase before they click away from your site. You could give them a gift, provide additional discount, or offer free shipping.

  1. Launch a rewards program

A reward program not only convinces visitors to purchase from you. It also encourages them to be loyal to you. Furthermore, it’s a great way of giving additional value for their money. You could have them earn points, which they could use on their next purchase. Another option is to offer cashbacks. 

Get the most out of your website. With these simple tweaks and add-ons, you could drive sales and even improve customer loyalty. Get in touch with Gray Growth to learn more about marketing your food or beverage business online.

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