7 Common Mistakes When Shipping Frozen Foods

How you ship your frozen goods is vital in growing your food business. One of the few things you need to remember is that quality may be affected during transportation. It’s important to make sure your goods arrive to their destination in the same way they left the warehouse, with minimal quality loss as possible. [...]

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How to Ship Frozen Food with Dry Ice

Dry ice is commonly used as refrigerant for shipping frozen food products. If you haven’t used it in the past and are thinking of doing so, it’s important for you to know that it is a dangerous material. Following the right procedure to pack dry ice is the key to using it successfully as your [...]

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Eco-friendly Packaging Ideas for Your Frozen Food Business

Did you know that containers and packaging make up a huge percentage of municipal solid waste? In 2015, 77.9 million tons of container and packaging waste were generated and 21.4% or 29.4 million tons of this waste went to landfills. With solid waste becoming a serious global problem, many entrepreneurs today are moving towards using [...]

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