In these unprecedented times, the ongoing pandemic has accelerated a lot of changes that were already taking place in the industry. As people begin trying to move past the pandemic, there are a few trends arising in the food and beverage industry that are likely to stick around. If you can tailor your business to meet these trends, you can stay one step ahead of the competition. What are a few examples?

You Must Maintain a Strong Online Presence

During the pandemic, a lot of people began ordering refrigerated and frozen foods and drinks online. This could be anything from weekly meal kits, pre-cooked meals, soups, smoothies, juices and specialty items such as craft meats and fish.

After all, people did not want to venture out and risk getting exposed to the covid virus. Many consumers will continue to shop online as it has now become part of their regular shopping routine.

It is convenient and many consumers have developed brand affinity making them loyal repeat buyers. Therefore, it makes good business sense to have an online presence even if you sell in other channels as well.

Functional Food and Health Products Come Together

As a result of the pandemic, many people are looking for ways to improve their health through diet. People want to eat and drink more healthily in 2021 because of everything that has happened.

This trend can guide new product development, brand positioning and marketing strategy. For example, boosting immunity, looking for ways to improve neurological function and heart health are meaningful to consumers who are actively looking for products that address these concerns.

That is where functional food and health products come together. If you can develop options for your customers who are looking to attack a specific health problem, you will attract more people to your company. Consider capitalizing on the trend involving functional food. This is something that is going to be here to stay.

Ship frozen food

Sustainability Matters

Today’s consumers care deeply about the environment. They want to know that whoever they give their money to cares about our planet. Therefore, you should highlight the sustainable practices that your business follows.

A big one here is the packaging. There is a plethora of decomposable, reusable and sustainable options in the marketplace today. Even if they are a little more expensive than traditional packaging, you may be able to win over more consumers to offset the higher costs.

Partnering with cause driven organizations who help the environment is another way to show that you care. Many new and established brands for example partner with 1% for the Planet.

By becoming a member, you commit to give one percent of your sales to support environmental non-profits. Additionally, you can display the 1% for the Planet logo on your packaging and marketing materials and include your contribution in your marketing message.

Another option to look into is One Tree Planted. There one-for-one program plants one tree for every product sold.

If you broadcast that your company is sustainable, this widens your brand appeal to include consumers who resonate with the sustainability message.

Customers Want to Connect with the Brand

Now more than ever before, consumers want to develop strong connections with their brand. Savvy and heath minded shoppers are carefully reading labels, trying to figure out exactly what goes into their food, how it was made and where it comes from. It is important to be as transparent as possible.

Today, more and more consumers want to do business with a company they resonate with at a personal level which also means a business they can trust. Make sure that you are transparent so that you can connect with your customers. If you can develop a strong emotional connection, this will help ensure your long tern success.

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