Once you’ve developed your eCommerce business and have begun to sell products in the direct-to-consumer frozen food space, you need to ensure your business has the chance to grow.

It’s important to understand the nature of your competition as your business expands and the industry changes. To put things into perspective, consider the fact that the international eCommerce market is expected to reach up to $5.5 trillion by the end of 2022. The food and beverage eCommerce market is expected to account for around $57.09 billion of that.

Regardless of the specific industry you’re in within the eCommerce market, you’re likely to face stiff competition that makes it critical for you to scale your business as quickly as possible. The following are some strategies you can implement to scale your frozen food eCommerce business or any type of eCommerce business.

Encourage Product Reviews

As your business begins to gain more customers and requires improved search engine optimization (SEO), you should encourage people to leave product reviews on your website and on Amazon. The more positive reviews you have, the more you can increase your rankings in search engines due to naturally incorporated keywords.

Think of product reviews like other pieces of content on your website. If you have plenty of reviews for a product, people are likely to mention the many terms associated with it without any actual keyword stuffing.

Of course, the benefits of product reviews extend well beyond better performance in search engines. In addition to SEO, product reviews can drive more sales and win over new customers. The fact is that 72% of customers read reviews before purchasing a product, so the importance of reviews cannot be understated.

However, negative reviews can significantly impact your business, making it important to mitigate them. You can respond to negative reviews and express your desire to do better, which can go a long way in impressing future customers and showing them that you value their input.

Ask Customers for Certain Information

Another way to scale your eCommerce business is to request information from customers. You can do so by including a survey on your website, which visitors can complete when they consent to it.

In your surveys, you may ask about what people want to see from frozen food products. What features are they looking for, such as ethically sourced meat or sustainable packaging? Gathering this kind of data can help you segment your audiences and target them more effectively. This, in turn, would give you a substantial competitive edge.

Focus on Cost-Effectiveness

Amid the pandemic and generally rising costs, businesses of all types need to do what they can to maintain cost-effective practices.

To maximize revenue while growing your business, one strategy is upselling and cross selling. Upselling encourages customers to purchase a comparable higher-end product while cross-selling encourages customers to buy related or complementary items. This can help increase your average order value (AOV), one of the key metrics associated with ecommerce success.

Additionally, continue connecting with existing customers. After a customer makes an initial purchase, make personalized recommendations to them based on their interests. You can do so via email, SMS text messages, and other channels.

You can also get customers to sign-up for a subscription. Subscriptions entail repeat orders of the same product at regularly scheduled intervals, or you can offer subscription boxes that send new items with each order. This is a great way to generate steady revenue streams that help you grow.

It will also help you to understand lifetime customer value (LCV), another important ecommerce metric. This metric represents the total amount of money you can expect to attribute to your customer throughout the duration of your relationship with them.


Automate Mundane Tasks and Operations

Your business must remain agile as operations expand. Otherwise, you and your employees may wind up spending too much time on tasks that simply hold you back.

Make sure you have certain measures in place to help automate various processes. You can use many types of apps and strategies to optimize workflows and automate manual tasks. This will keep you on your feet as you focus on areas of business of more importance.

By automating certain processes, you can also minimize the risk of human error. This would help prevent inaccurate or inconsistent data, inaccurate reporting, and other issues.

Develop Data-Driven Campaigns

If you want your business to make real progress, you need to understand your customers. This will involve gathering data about traffic sources that attract the most leads, which product pages drive the most sales, and other relevant, actionable insights.

Based on your analytics, you can make the right decisions for your marketing, advertising, and sales campaigns. For example, you might discover that you’re getting the largest amount of traffic from a particular social media platform, which is converting more leads into customers than other channels. In this case, you might want to reallocate some of your advertising spend and marketing budget to that specific platform.

Determine What Your Customers Want

You should know what’s in demand to help optimize your business’s inventory. Figure out which products are your best-sellers and which are favorites in your industry. You can then use this information to decide which items to fully stock and which you may want to either reduce or drop.

In addition to looking at sales figures and the general market, you can ask customers more directly what they want. For instance, you can look at comments from followers on social media about what they would like to see, or you can create a post that requests direct input from customers.

Prepare Your Business to Scale

With the right steps, you can successfully scale your frozen food eCommerce business to remain competitive and profitable. Knowing which strategies and solutions to use will help you stay on top and keep up with increasing demand.

To learn more about how you can scale your business and optimize your operations, reach out to Gray Growth Logistics today.