Did you know that you can do more on social media than just post about your products? You can maximize your marketing efforts by expanding your reach and promoting your brand even to those who are not following you on social media. If you haven’t tried doing social media advertising yet, now’s the perfect time to try it.

Mastering Social Media Advertising 

Simply put, social media advertising is a paid option to help you maximize your online marketing efforts on specific social networking sites. Because Facebook and Instagram users consume huge amounts of visual content daily, many food businesses choose to promote their products on these platforms.

Types of Advertisements for Facebook and Instagram 

Facebook and Instagram offer different types of ads, including photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, and slideshow ads. The best type of ads for your campaign would often depend on your ability to produce the content. For instance, you might need to work with a videographer if you would like to do a video ad. Photos are much easier to create, as you can use different tools and applications to enhance your images.

  • Photo ads – Photo ads are great for showcasing your latest products. Consider taking photos of people enjoying your goods instead of simply taking a picture of the product itself.
  • Video ads – Video ads are effective in boosting sales as they are more entertaining and engaging than photos. In fact, a recent survey shows that videos help about 64% of online shoppers to decide on a product. A well thought out video can easily attract people’s attention and highlight the best features of your products. Think of it like a TV commercial for your product, only you’re showing it on social networks.
  • Carousel ads – This type of ad is composed of several images, with each image having its own link. This is perfect if you would like to highlight the different benefits or features of your products. You could also use it to promote multiple products all in one ad.
  • Slideshow ads ­ – A slideshow ad is a video made up of multiple photos. This is a great option if you want to go beyond photo ads but are not yet ready to produce a video ad campaign.

Best Practices 

What you have to remember when it comes to social media is that you are connecting and engaging with people. You need to make sure that your ads are interesting to them. Whether you’re creating a paid advertisement or an organic campaign, consider following these tried and tested practices:

  • Know your target audience – Social media users are very keen on authenticity and sincerity. They’ll know and will be ready to point out any brand who is faking it, especially when it comes to trying to engage with them. Dig a little deeper into the characteristics and lifestyles of your target market so you can produce ads that truly speak to them
  • High-Quality Visuals – With millions of pieces of content posted and advertised on social media every day, you need to make sure yours stand out. Make sure to use high resolution photos and high definition videos. This way, your content will always look great regardless of where they are being viewed from.
  • Benefits Over Features ­­– Many businesses often make the mistake of focusing too much on the features of their products. For better engagement, shift your focus to the benefits that your consumers will enjoy when they choose your products. What’s in it for them?
  • Emotions – Appealing to the emotions of your target market is an effective way of getting their attention. Convey positive, funny, or heartwarming emotions and avoid negative ones.

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