One of the keys to appealing to customers as an eCommerce business is understanding their journey. If you don’t know how your customers go from being interested in your offerings to making repeat purchases, you won’t experience real success with your brand.

To get a good sense of the customer journey, you also need to understand your audience and what prospective customers are all about. This involves learning about what each person wants at various points in the customer journey, the main issues they face, and the specific solutions they need.

In the process, customers move through a sales funnel, from the top of the funnel to the bottom, where they’re most likely to convert.

What Is the eCommerce Sales Funnel?

The sales funnel is a model used to better understand where people are as they make the journey from prospects and leads to customers.

The top of the funnel consists of the awareness stage, when people are conducting research around a particular problem. Then, further down the funnel, is the consideration stage, when people are learning more about specific solutions. People then move toward the bottom of the funnel, first encountering the decision stage when they’re ready to decide on the right solution or brand. Finally, they reach the loyalty stage when they find the right brand or product and stick with it.

Strategies for Creating the Perfect eCommerce Sales Funnel

If you’re not sure how to move your customers efficiently through each stage of the eCommerce sales funnel, the following strategies can help you optimize the funnel from top to bottom.

Create Plenty of Rich Content

A great place to start is with content. The idea of content creation can be daunting as people instantly think about the need to create lengthy blog posts or high-quality video content. However, content creation can be much simpler and efficient.

You can create quick blog posts covering various topics in your industry, including helpful tips, information, and other content that attracts people at the top of the funnel. Additionally, you can put together basic videos with more helpful educational content.

To move people further down the funnel, you can then begin creating content around solutions to particular problems and promote your own products as the ideal solutions.

Optimize Your Website’s Product Pages

During the consideration stage as people move toward the middle of the funnel, they’re going to start viewing your product pages. At this point, you need to ensure your product pages are front and center to appeal to people during this stage.

Optimizing your product pages for SEO will help boost rankings while helping move people along to the next stage of the funnel.

There are several ways to optimize your product pages. To start with, you should update your descriptions to be as rich as they can get. You can include natural keyword instances within your descriptions to appeal to search engines. Meanwhile, creative, unique content could connect with visitors and differentiate your products from competitors’ offerings.

Also, include a clear call-to-action that drives conversions. You can try something different from the generic “Buy Now” message to get people’s attention and drive action. For instance, you might offer products that make the perfect gift, in which case you can include a “Gift This Item” option along with a “Spoil Yourself” button. Making your CTAs more compelling will give people the impression that you’re not merely trying to sell to them.

Another way to optimize your product pages is to give several shipping options and detailing return information. Make sure people can choose the shipping date that works best for them, and don’t hide any of the costs associated with the shipping process.

Make the Checkout Process is Smooth and Painless

One of the biggest issues that eCommerce businesses face is shopping cart abandonment. The average cart abandonment rate in all industries is a staggering 69.57%, with mobile users’ average at 85.65%. This alone shows how important it is to do what you can to reduce abandonment.

If you want to minimize your website’s abandonment rate, one of the most crucial steps is to optimize the checkout process. Many people leave the checkout page for a number of reasons, including unclear pricing and too many steps.

The following are a few key ways you can move people through the checkout process more effectively:

  • Offer customers the chance to buy items as guests or enable automatic account creation.
  • Offer prices in local currencies
  • Allow for free shipping and free returns in certain circumstances, such as offering free shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount.
  • Make your checkout process is mobile-responsive to appeal to mobile shoppers.

Offer and Promote a Solid Loyalty Program

Once you’ve made a sale and want to keep customers loyal to your brand, you can do so by developing a loyalty program that your customers love. Your loyalty program can include discounts and appealing offers that keep people coming back to you instead of competitors.

You should also promote your loyalty program to make more people aware of it and entice people to sign up.

Get the Results You Want with an Optimized eCommerce Sales Funnel

By incorporating these strategies to optimize your eCommerce conversion funnel, you’ll have the chance to establish a stronger connection with audiences. From the moment they become aware of your brand to the time they decide to buy, you can take certain steps to ensure that your sales funnel gets the best possible results.

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