If you’re running an eCommerce business that sells frozen food or any other food product, you need video marketing to supplement other marketing efforts. Video marketing can help you establish a stronger connection with your audiences and appeal to shoppers in several ways.

Video content is more popular than ever today, with over 244.4 million viewers of digital video in the U.S. alone. Additionally, 54% of consumers would like to see more video content from their favorite brands. These and other stats prove the importance of incorporating video marketing into any content strategy.

The fact is that video marketing offers several benefits. The following are some of those advantages:

Increased Conversions

Video marketing is a great way to gain people’s trust online. If your videos feature a description of your product along with a high-quality presentation, this could significantly increase buyer confidence.

This is particularly the case for food items, including frozen foods. People want to know what they’re getting with their purchase before consuming. Product videos could give an accurate look at how the product will appear when it’s time to consume it. By giving the best presentation possible with your food items, you’ll inspire customers’ appetites and purchases.

Ultimately, videos can do a great job at complementing product images on your product pages.

A More Personal Connection

Text and images on their own may lend a degree of anonymity to your brand, which can feel impersonal and detached. If you create video content that includes more animated visuals, voices, and a clear personality behind it, you can build a stronger connection with audiences.

For instance, you don’t have to simply produce videos of your products. You can also create behind-the-scenes footage that shows how real people run your business. Having different personalities present your products can also make your business feel more personal. This would help differentiate you from competitors.

User Generated Content Videos (UGC’s) are another popular form of video. These videos show real people using your products and sharing their experiences with it. This could be anything from unboxing the items, preparing them and ultimately consuming the products in the case of a food or beverage brand.

Improved Performance on Search Engines

Another benefit of video marketing is the ability to boost rankings on search engines. Videos often feature prominently in search engine results, particularly for YouTube videos, seeing as Google owns the platform.

Videos are actually more likely to appear in search engine results than text results, with search engines understanding that most would prefer to watch a video over reading text content.

Keep in mind that you’re likely to face less competition on search engines when producing more video content. This is because it takes more effort and equipment to produce video content compared to blog posts and other types of content. This means that if you produce plenty of high-quality content, you have a good chance of dominating search engine results.

Educate Your Customers

If you want to provide information about how you source or manufacture your products, sustainability efforts, and other details about your offerings, video offers one of the best media to do so. It’s far easier to explain products in videos than it is to go into detail in product descriptions and other content.

The Chance to Go Viral

Unlike text content, video content gives brands the chance to go viral. Many brands have succeeded at creating viral content, such as Blendtec with its classic Will It Blend videos that demonstrate the power of the company’s blenders. You can also get creative with your videos to produce viral branded content that people enjoy and share.

Increased Brand Awareness

Because videos tend to attract more people than text content, videos are great for boosting brand awareness. While you may still have use for blog posts and image ads for increasing brand awareness, videos can supercharge these campaigns to drive results. If people find your videos particularly entertaining and shareable, they may also share them with friends and family to further increase awareness.

Connect with Wider Audiences

Many people simply don’t have the time or patience to read through long-form blog posts and other more time-consuming content. Videos offer a digestible format for people to enjoy. You can also show what your products look like more effectively, eliminating the need for people to look up product images and other details to get a feel for your products. In turn, you can connect with many audiences who might not find your other content as engaging.

Propel Your Business’s Success with Video Marketing

If you really want to excel with your perishable food or beverage eCommerce brand, video marketing can help you. Videos that showcase your products, team, and brand can go a long way in appealing to audiences and increasing sales.

At Gray Growth Logistics, we can help you grow your brand into one of the most successful in your industry. Reach out to us today to find out what we can do to help fuel your company’s long-term success.